Mission Statement
Bedford Middle School is committed to inspiring excellence and fostering productive citizens by promoting respect, responsibility, work ethic, and perseverance.

The NEW Middle School - Liberty Middle School
On-site Construction LIVE STREAM!


Liberty Volleyball Try Outs: July 31st- August 2nd

attendance to tryouts is mandatory.

If you plan to try-out for volleyball in the fall, open gym is highly recommended!! Returners are expected to make open gyms and conditioning as much as possible!  Consistently attending open gyms and conditioning will better prepare us for next season J


Special Education Survey:

  May Events

May 6-End of the Year Dance 5:00pm to 7:00pm
May 5,6,7- Willy Wonka Musical at LHS 7:30pm 
May 10 BMS 8th Grade Band at LHS 7:00 pm
May 13 Advanced Band Performs at Kings Dominion
May 17 6th and 7th Grade Band at LHS 7:00pm
May 19- VISA End of the Year Activity
May 22- 6th Grade Awards Assembly
May 23- 7th Grade Awards Assembly
May 24- 8th Grade Awards Assembly
May 25- SOL Field Day
May 26- Last Day of School

April Sports Schedule

May 4 Baseball at home against Altavista 7:00 pm
            Boys Soccer away at Dunbar-5:30 pm
            Girls Soccer at home against Dunbar- 5:00 pm
May 6 Baseball vs Gretna at home-1:00 pm
May 9 Baseball at LCA -5:30 pm
May 11 Boys Soccer away at Sandusky -5:30 pm
              Girls Soccer at home against Sandusky- 5:00 pm

                   Bedford County Alerts and Notifications

The best way to receive alerts (Weather closings/delays) from Bedford County Public Schools is by downloading the free Bedford County Public Schools App for iPhone/Android from the App Store.  This will also push notifications to your phone as they are released!

The next place the district will post alerts, closings or delays is on Facebook.  On Facebook, “Like” the BCPS page to stay informed: https://www.facebook.com/bedfordcountyps/

Other, less timely, methods about BCPS alerts are local television or radio.

Schools are not contacted directly about closings/delays.  Our staff must monitor the above listed sources of information to learn about school closings and take action for each situation.  Calling the school is not the quickest way to receive the latest information.




Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
April 30, no eventsMay 01, no eventsMay 02, no eventsMay 03, no eventsMay 04, no eventsMay 05, no eventsMay 06, no events
May 07, no eventsMay 08, no eventsMay 09, no eventsMay 10, no events11May 12, no eventsMay 13, no events
May 14, no eventsMay 15, no eventsMay 16, no eventsMay 17, no eventsMay 18, no eventsMay 19, no eventsMay 20, no events
May 21, no eventsMay 22, no eventsMay 23, no eventsMay 24, no eventsMay 25, no events2627
May 28, no events293031June 01, no eventsJune 02, no eventsJune 03, no events
Upcoming Events
Date and Time: May 26, 2017
Category: Academic
Date and Time: May 27, 2017
Category: Academic
Date and Time: May 29, 2017
Category: Holiday
Date and Time: May 30, 2017-May 31, 2017 (EST)
Category: Professional Development
Date and Time: Aug 02, 2017-Aug 03, 2017 (EST)
Date and Time: Aug 03, 2017-Aug 04, 2017 (EST)
Date and Time: Aug 07, 2017-Aug 11, 2017 (EST)
Date and Time: Aug 10, 2017
Date and Time: Aug 14, 2017
Date and Time: Sep 04, 2017
Date and Time: Oct 13, 2017
Date and Time: Oct 16, 2017

(School Closed for Students)

Date and Time: Oct 23, 2017
Date and Time: Nov 06, 2017
Date and Time: Nov 07, 2017
Date and Time: Nov 22, 2017-Nov 23, 2017 (EST)
Date and Time: Dec 20, 2017
Date and Time: Dec 21, 2017-Jan 03, 2018 (EST)
Date and Time: Jan 03, 2018