Reyes syndrome

Important Health Information Regarding Reyes Syndrome:

Reye's Syndrome is a deadly disease of children associated with the use of aspirin and aspirin containing medications during a viral illness, such as the common cold, chicken pox, and influenza. The cause and cure of Reye's Syndrome is unknown. According to the National Reye's Syndrome Foundation, "the National Reye's Syndrome Foundation (NRSF), the U.S. Surgeon General, the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that aspirin and combination products containing aspirin not be taken by anyone under 19 years of age during fever-causing illnesses."

Symptoms typically develop as children are recovering from a viral infection; approximately three to seven days after the viral illness starts. Research shows that 90%-95% have taken aspirin during the viral episode. Reye’s Syndrome can lead to brain and liver damage and may result in death. Early diagnosis and treatment usually lead to a full recovery. However, Reye’s Syndrome is often misdiagnosed. Reye’s Syndrome should be suspected in children with continuous and/or sudden vomiting. Other symptoms include: listlessness, lethargy, confusion, irrational behavior, seizures, coma, and rapid, deep breathing. Parents should seek medical care immediately if these symptoms exist.
The following link contains a list of medications containing aspirin and aspirin-like products:

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